Ship to Shore Giantess Attack

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By Porn Comics Posted on Jan 14, 2022
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Ship to Shore Giantess Attack
Ship to Shore Giantess Attack
⁣This was a custom with Kyla Keys. She is a frustrated mom cleaning her stepson's room that he never cleans and she finds his performance enhancement and decides to take some herself. She grows, No growth scene in this one. We cut to later she has decided to go for a swim before showing everyone her new size. She comes upon a ship and realizes that all the power is making her horny and hungry. She eats people off the ship like little snacks. She decides to take the ship with her to the city and then proceeds to grind on the ship and eat more people. She also does the same with a plane, trains, and cars. A small army group tries to fight her but they are easily defeated. She then proceeds to fuck and crush all the buildings and finally have her way with the ship again. She leaves the city in ruins with her ship.

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