AAABBBZZZ - The Tiny Traveler 3

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By Porn Comics Posted on Aug 9, 2022
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AAABBBZZZ - The Tiny Traveler 3 98 pages

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AAABBBZZZ - The Tiny Traveler 3 98 pages
The new spaceman Pat emerges from his ship, wondering what this world is that he ended up in. Being from the future, he doesn't recognize that this is just a regular looking room from our current year. He sees a titanic object in the distance, but soon he finds out that it is a giantess girl who does not notice him. The girl goes over to observe the blue worm hole that Pat flew in from, almost stepping on the little man in the process. Realizing this isn't a safe place to be, Pat runs as fast as possible back to his space ship while the girl is still unaware of him. He starts up the engines and flies up, getting the girl to finally notice him. When the girl sees this ship, she immediately thinks it is something like a drone and punches it out of the air. She thought that someone might of been creeping on her. With the spaceship on the ground, she lifts her foot and starts to step down on Pat's craft. In a panic, he sets his engines to overdrive and is able to escape before being crushed. But instead of going back in the worm hole he flies out the window into this gigantic world.

Meanwhile back at the party, Scott decided to stay put while all five women danced and drank. It was too risky to attempt anything, and after hours passed they all left for the club. Coming back first was Becca and Julia, who had some time to chill. They sat on the couch and removed their shoes, commenting on how sweaty their feet were from the intense night out. Waiting for Becca's mom, they decided to have another drink. Julia pulled Becca to the ground and they laughed as they decided to have a glass of wine while sitting on the rug. Scott saw this as the perfect chance to try and get someone's attention now. He started to approach Becca's foot, trying his best to ignore the odor in order to get noticed. But before he could, he saw Julia looking right at him. Not wanting to be found by her again, he tried to pound on Becca's sole with his fists. But she only felt this as a slight tickle and swept the little guy away without knowing.

Scott knew he couldn't stay here. Julia would for sure capture him and hold him against his will again, so he came up with a new idea. Seeing the opening in Becca's dress, he ran over there and dived in towards her panties. He didn't try to get noticed right away though. Instead he found in area of her dress to hang onto so he could escape with her. While the girls finished their drinks, Becca's mom Cindy came home. She was ready to take her daughter home after just driving Julia's mom back here. At this point, Julia was worried about Scott being able to flee with Becca. She thought that he would somehow contact her and tell her what she had done with him. But there was no way to get him as he continued to hide inside the dress. As Becca stood up, he hung on the best he could and found a way to keep his grip while Becca and Cindy left. Hoping that he somehow fell off, Julia looked around the living room for the little guy, only to be caught by her mom. Anne thought that she was just cleaning up after the party and insisted that Julia would go to bed and worry about this in the morning.

Back in her room, Julia figured that Scott somehow managed to get away with Becca. Sitting in her bed, she had the tiny man's spaceship and was playing around with the two parts that separated last night. She put them together and saw that it lit up. Scott's ship sent out another distress signal, this time being picked up by the other spaceman flying around. Pat knew that this was his friend's ship and didn't hesitate to fly over immediately. While Julia continued to observe the ship, she was surprised as another one that looking the exact same came into her room through her window. At first she didn't act hostile, trying to understand what was going on. For a moment Pat let his guard down as this giantess girl didn't seem to want to crush him like the other one did. But this is where things changed when Julia dived forward and was able to grab hold of Pat's ship between her two hands.

No matter what he did, Pat could not escape. He tried to set his engines to full power, but the giantess had him within her grip. She ordered him to calm down unless he wanted his ship squished by her fingers. Knowing he had no other choice, Pat stopped trying to escape and instead hoped that this girl might have something to say that would help him figure out what was going on. Julia wanted the little space man out of the ship though. She set him on the ground and held the ship with her foot, waiting for him to come out, otherwise she would apply pressure and easily break it. Pat came out with his hands up, intimidated by the colossal woman. She got down on the ground and picked him up in her hands. It was already strange to encounter Scott, but seeing this other little guy only gave Julia more questions. Holding him captive, she interrogated him, asking more questions than ever before.

While this happened, Becca was arriving back home. She walked into her room and let out a sign of relief, happy that the night was coming to an end. Somehow though, Scott had managed to keep his grip on the inside of her dress. She had not noticed him as she went over and jumped onto her bed. This finally caused the little guy to lose control and drop onto her blanket. Becca was craving some time alone, she got up and dressed down into her pajamas, ready to enjoy some privacy. Taking her glasses off and laying back on the bed, she had no idea of Scott who was trying to contact her. She turned on the TV only to see a news story about the tiny spaceship that Pat was in. Scott thought that this was strange and knew more than ever now that he had to get this girl's attention. But it quickly became too late as she slowly started to play around with herself. Now it wasn't the best time to get her attention and instead he tried to run to safety. While doing this though, Becca's foot accidentally bumped into him. She thought she felt something and stopped what she was doing. Looking down at her blanket she couldn't see what this tiny thing actually was. Without her glasses, she thought Scott was just a bug and attempted to crush him. Fearing for his life, Scott jumped off the bed, narrowly avoiding the giant hand that almost killed him in an instant. He managed to scurry away underneath her bed where the giantess finally gave up, leaving him there for the night.

The next morning Julia was waking up in a great mood. She got dressed and opened her closet where she left tiny Pat for the night. Today she had a plan to retrieve Scott. Lucky for her, she learned that Pat was able to track Scott's position, and it seemed that he was indeed at Becca's house. Picking him up, she instructed that he would be coming with her, but where he would be riding didn't sound fun at all. Julia figured that if Pat's spacesuit was able to withstand the hardships of space, she thought it wouldn't be a big deal to drop the tiny man into her shoe. Pat couldn't believe this girl could be so cruel, but this was his reality now as her giant foot joined him inside her running shoe. With the little guy in place, Julia called Becca's sister Maria, and asked her if she could find a way to get Becca out of the house. She lied about having a surprise, but in reality she just wanted to search for Scott without anyone home. After getting off the phone she left her room, heading to Becca's house to reclaim the little guy for herself.

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