AmGiPi - Professor Sasha

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By Porn Comics Posted on Aug 16, 2023
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AmGiPi - Professor Sasha 21 pages

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AmGiPi - Professor Sasha 21 pages
Enroll into the College of Mammoth Matron University (MMU). In this alternate reality, statuesque Amazonian women lead and run their matriarchal society at large. Male-kind currently preside as what might as well be true second class citizens. Only in the past 150 years have most nations moved away from male slavery to the Amazonian race. Which, is in most thanks in to their "sisters", the average sized woman. For not many maidens and ladies are intrinsically blessed with the beauty, body, and size of being an Amazon. But, as the past may be, we find ourselves pressing ahead for one particular interest, Professor Sasha, the Head Matriarch of MMU. This thirty-year-old Amazon and supersized, sexy scholar has worked her trade at the University for the past 8 years. She quickly established herself on top owing to the fact of the usual office politics. Indeed, even an existence of pure privilege could have its own set of privileges. The Amazonians may have been much superior in intelligence, strength, and raw ability, yet they still weren't entirely above normal human flaws. Regardless, the towering 14'5" blonde bombshell had arrived at atop a place she thought worthy of herself. And, in her lecture hall, she ruled like the Giantess Queen she saw fit. Moreover, another new year started at the University, and Professor Sasha Rose Vastusdea would be taking a close look at her fresh batch of undergrads coming in.

Enter Michael T. Vaughn, 21 years old, 5'0" tall, and unbelievably grateful for being able to attend MMU. To be accepted into the college was quite the draw of luck and accomplishment. The University had a male only student body of 8,000. MMU was created as an olive branch to male-kind and Amazonian relations. At the college, these select men would have the rare opportunity to get ahead and uplift their gender. It was not something that was taken lightly, as the University was one of only four of its kind. Any trip up, and the male student would be expelled and replaced with the many other eager volunteers outside its doors. For Michael, things have been going swell, and he was entering Junior year. Except, this was his first brush and exposure to the lovely and powerful Professor Sasha. For the life of him, he could not figure out what he was doing wrong, as the little male experienced his first taste of Amazonian punishment. Lack of performance, being distracted, and perceived misbehavior... it seemed he could do nothing right with Miss Vastusdea. Was her class this difficult, or does she just have it out for him? In the face of this, he was becoming desperate to remedy this... and that's exactly where his colossal seductress and perfect Professor wanted him. Unbeknownst to the tiny pupil, things were going to get inappropriately spicy in the most covert of manners. For students are not to be used as slaves... or so they say.

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