Astro Domina - Butt Crushing Giantesses

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By Porn Comics Posted on Dec 28, 2021
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Astro Domina - Butt Crushing Giantesses

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Astro Domina - Butt Crushing Giantesses
⁣NOTE: This is a Custom Clip. Well, well well. What do we have here? Hey LeiLei, come check this out, I think there's a bunch of them over here. Hahahaha... No, of course they have no chance for survival. We are Giantesses after all. What should we do with them? Crush them under our butts? I love that idea!!! Here's one trying to escape, let me go ahead and sit on him. Ah yeah, there we go. Did you hear that? They sure make a funny sound when they get squished don't they? HAHAHA. Why don't you crush one now? There you go. Oh my, this is so much fun. For us anyway.

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