Bare-Faced-Cheek - Game On 1: Big G, Little O

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By Porn Comics Posted on Sep 2, 2022
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Bare-Faced-Cheek - Game On 1: Big G, Little O 25 pages

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Bare-Faced-Cheek - Game On 1: Big G, Little O 25 pages
Jean desperately needs to get her hands on a cheat sheet for her professor's weekly quiz, so she recruits two of her fellow college cheerleaders to help her steal it from his classroom. Little does she know, however, that a talented student named Ben has chosen the same classroom to experiment with a mysterious chemical substance he received in the mail.

It turns out that this chemical is a little more volatile than he thought, and what's more, it's shown to have some interesting side effects ...

Much to everyone's surprise, exposure to the gaseous fumes from the strange green liquid results in sudden shrinking, and soon enough all three cheerleaders have shrunk out of their uniforms to a height of around three-and-a-half feet.

Ben himself manages to avoid these effects, but he's left with quite the predicament in his hands. Although he offers to try and reverse their condition, some of the girls are understandably hesitant to trust his intentions. To make matters worse, a couple of the guys from his tabletop role-playing group show up, and they have their own ideas about how to handle this once-in-a-lifetime situation ...

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