Bare-Faced-Cheek - Revisited 1: Humbug

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By Porn Comics Posted on Dec 29, 2021
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Bare-Faced-Cheek - Revisited 1: Humbug 25 pages

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Bare-Faced-Cheek - Revisited 1: Humbug 25 pages
It's been a year since Holly's brief stint as Santa's Little Helper, and she's falling back into her old Scrooge-like habits.

She and Alice are still dating, but an unnecessary argument on Christmas Eve could spell trouble for their relationship. And when Holly returns home that evening, she finds that her brother Devin and his friend are having a noisy band practice so she rudely tells them to stop their racket.

It's beginning to seem like she might be due another visit from Santa or one of his elves ...

A Christmas Gift
Soon enough, Holly does indeed discover an elf in the house who's been sent to check up on her. She handles this situation about as well as you'd expect, which results in her being shrunk to about twelve inches tall - much smaller than on the previous occasion!

Once the elf disappears, Holly finds herself in an awkward situation. From her past experience she knows that she'll probably need the help of Alice to restore her size - but can she manage to get in touch with her? Will Alice even be willing to help after their recent quarrel?

And perhaps most importantly, can she avoid having her predicament discovered by her brother and his friend?

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