Braden-GTS - Office Lady 2B and Monday's

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By Porn Comics Posted on Apr 28, 2022
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Braden-GTS - Office Lady 2B and Monday's 12 pages

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Braden-GTS - Office Lady 2B and Monday's 12 pages
Another week starting and she's back to give her best this week. It isn't easy navigating an office built for the regularly sized, but that doesn't stop her from getting up and heading into the office each day.

Monday's though... are tougher. Squeezing into the elevator was never a fun job, and while she knew she could fit, it rarely meant getting in with much grace.

Scanning the area to see if its clear, she hits the button and counts the seconds as the elevator is heard approaching her floor. As the doors part, she sighs and begins the task of pulling all of her extremities into the cramped box.

The door never anticipated the extra time she would need, and she'd regularly brace to be pinched somewhere along her process of getting inside.

Almost in, her heel began to slip as the door made it's way together. Frustrated she navigated her large fingers around the buttons to locate the door open button.


He hadn't had the best weekend, and the start of the work week wasn't helping his mood very much.

Making is way through the wide hallways, the morning minutiae was broken up by a large and out of place high heel. Curiosity piqued, he made his way over to the fine piece of footwear, focused enough to miss the elevator opening.

"Um... A little help?" Came a strong but feminine voice from the elevator.

While he'd surely seen her around... I mean how could he miss her, he acted as cool as he could. He hid the struggles that the shoe's weight presented, and helped slip her foot into the heel. A real 'Prince Charming' moment.

Standing up proudly, he nodded as the door began to close, a casual act of kindness to a coworker.

The sound of the door halting brought his attention to what he assumed would have been her gaze.

"There is room if you need to go up..." She said, halting the door with a single finger.

Saying nothing, he made his way into the elevator, feeling the warmth from her body as he stepped over her bent leg to get safely back from the door. The door now closing, he slowly turned to her, unsure of what was to happen next.

"So... which floor?" She asked, enjoying the moment of closeness after a simple act of kindness picked her up from her Monday blues.

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