Buddahs Playground - Trouble On The Green

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By Porn Comics Posted on Oct 21, 2023
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Buddahs Playground - Trouble On The Green

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Buddahs Playground - Trouble On The Green
Runtime: 0:12:54
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Buddah is a spoiled housewife, accustomed to a life of luxury and leisure and performs her typical daily duties. Her day often involves shopping trips to upscale boutiques or meeting with friends for coffee or lunch at exclusive cafes. These outings are less about necessity and more about maintaining her social image. In the backdrop of her privileged life, the spoiled housewife finds herself annoyed by the presence of golfers, seeing them as an intrusion into her carefully curated world of luxury and comfort .As the spoiled housewife's annoyance with the golfers intensifies, her frustration reaches a breaking point when her lavish home becomes a frequent target for golf balls from the adjacent golf course After enduring nearly a year of frustration and ongoing golf ball incidents, the spoiled housewife decides to take a more direct approach by confronting the golfers face to face.Taking a proactive approach to resolve the ongoing issue with the golfers, the spoiled housewife suggests hosting a meeting at her house where she address the golfers directly about her frustrations and offers a surprise to foster a more cooperative atmosphere. Reluctantly and with some hesitation, the golfers agree to the spoiled housewife's proposal and close their eyes as she has instructed them to do. Little did they know, hidden abilities of the spoiled housewife will impact the situation with the golfers in ways they could have never imagined. Buddah inhales a large breath and tenderly exhales a special dust to make the golfers shrink.This dust is enchanted with the power to temporarily shrink individuals. As the enchanted dust takes effect, the golfers begin to experience a sudden sensation of lightness and observe their surroundings becoming larger around themThe golf course representatives are initially taken aback by their reduced size. They exchange bewildered glances and begin to explore their new perspective. The golfers are initially taken aback by their reduced size. They exchange bewildered glances and begin to explore their new perspective. She holds the golfers in the palm of her hands, quite literally as she explains her long-standing efforts to establish a harmonious relationship between them. The surreal nature of the situation hangs heavy in the air. The golfers will soon find themselves in a surreal and otherworldly place – inside the housewife's body. She pops the first small golfer into her mouth as if he were a small piece of popcorn, Laughter and happiness fill the air as she has finally found a solution to her long time problem. She then turns to the second golfer and scoops him up in her gigantic hand. Dangling him above her open mouth is surreal and the tiny golfer is unbelievably regretful of ignoring her please time and time again. She opens wide and drops the tiny golfer into her mouth. Something very unexpected takes place after this happens as the beautiful giantess's tummy begins to bloat and gurgle. Tummy sounds, rapid heartbeat and heavy breathing follow as she becomes well aware that their will be only one solution to this problem. She will have to flush the tiny, digested man into the toilet. There will be no coming back for him. She hold her stomach as she. quickly walks to the bathroom and does what needs to be done.The toilet flushes and the lovely housewife leaves the bathroom with a lovely smile on her face

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