JOB - Unintended Results 3

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By Porn Comics Posted on Apr 27, 2022
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JOB - Unintended Results 3 250 pages

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JOB - Unintended Results 3 250 pages
Queen Winter has gained access to a portal gun. Gaining more power every minute as Winter drags more Winters to her cause from across the multiverse, the coalition of eccentric Grandpas grow exceedingly desperate.

Fortunately, the prime Grandpa returns, along with a plan to deal with the infinite Winter by assaulting her where she lives, cutting the head off the snake.

Grandpa recruits Amalia Skye, serving a voluntary sentence at lullaby peak maximum security prison. Hera, Queen of the Gods, growing bored in her celestial fortress also joins his cause. Finally, Grandpa recruits the biggest dominatrix the world has even seen, the dreaded, merciless, cold hearted Kat Envy!

Giantess battles Giantess for the future of the central finite curve... will grandpas crazy plan succeed, now that he has a little help... from some old friends?

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