MerComix - Mini Materia

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By Porn Comics Posted on Mar 1, 2022
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MerComix - Mini Materia 41 pages

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MerComix - Mini Materia 41 pages
Aerith's captured by The Turks, and Tifa, Cloud, and Barrett escaped from Sector 7's disastrous collapse to reunite with Marlene at Aerith's house in Sector 5 Slums. They needed to rest for now cause their journey to rescue her begins at sunrise. While Cloud and Barret sleep away in one room, Tifa slept with Marlene in Aerith's room. She dreamt of reuniting with Aerith, who had escaped from Shinra HQ somehow, with a materia she found. But it's power was unknown, and wants to try it out to see what it does. What comes next might be their "biggest" and wildest challenges yet!

From surviving a giant monster Jessie?

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